Complete Anti-Malware Security Solutions with McAfee
How to monitor your protection status with McAfee security Scan Plus?

McAfee antivirus is one of the most reliable software in the industry. In order to give full protection to the users, it has availed the various ranges of McAfee security products. With the assistance of innovative McAfee Active Protection innovation, McAfee Security Scan Plus similar to a demonstrative application can effectively check your PC's exceptional security status, firewall assurance, web security and sweeps it for issues. McAfee Security Scan Plus is a one-stop answer for identifying infections, malware, Trojans and contaminated files in case you're dubious which of them are disturbing your framework's general execution.

Whatever activities your PC takes on might be subverted under the creating effect of online threats and malignant downloads. You ought to recognize the perils and figure out how to remove it before it overpowers your security stages and chops down your PC's speed and accuracy. McAfee Security Scan Plus normally channels your program history for suspicious substance and deters all sort of perilous downloads so you don't have to do it manually

How does McAfee Security Scan Plus present your security status report?

When the checking procedure finishes up, the McAfee Security Scan Plus tool produces a report encased with the insights about the nearness and status of your enemy of viruses, hostile to malware McAfee assurance. In case, the report demonstrates a perfect state, at that point the status will indicate "No Issues Found" you can close the device and unwind in harmony. In any case, in case that it identifies a risk, McAfee Security Scan Plus gives security proposals in the light of position accessible solution for the purpose of the issue.

Below are the 5 kinds of status you might get to seeing in the protection bar, or McAfee Security Scan plus Report after the scan is complete:

Your PC is at Risk:

It basically demonstrates that your PC's virus or firewall assurance is either lapsed or killed. It additionally implies that your PC is a virus with infections, malware, Trojan, spyware or some other online danger.

Scan Your PC

It demonstrates that your PC is possibly in threat, and requires quick filtering to identify if there are any issues with your infection, firewall or web security McAfee product.

Issues found

You should take a conclusion look on your security status as this message demonstrates an affirmed potential danger. It implies either your McAfee security is inert by some coincidence or intentionally, or your peruse history says that you've as of late visited a malignant site. It likewise implies a potential infection or malware risk has surfaced.

No Issues Found

Against infection, hostile to malware and firewall security is effectively running on your PC however neither of them is a McAfee product.

McAfee is protecting your PC

This means is pleasurable or all. It demonstrates that your PC is secured and your McAfee infection, malware and firewall insurance are working appropriately and up to date.


McAfee Security Scan Plus has bearings to check your PC once in a week to guarantee a continuous infection, malware and firewall insurance likewise empowers your security to keep awake to-date.