McAfee - a complete computer solution
McAfee - a complete computer solution

This is the digital era and we are living in a digital world where all is available at the touch of a screen. With the digital world increasing has become an easy platform for hackers and data thieves to break into users’ PC and smart device to steal personal and confidential data, many companies have started to offer cult, simple to use, yet exhaustive security arrangements that not only block malicious software from entering their computers in real time but also shield their information from being harmed.

McAfee is one of the best among such companies which has been effectively conveying customized, progressed, and thorough security solution for clients to enable them to remain ensured and keep pace with the technology without being cheated and evaded by the term 'technology'. McAfee security solutions are generally utilized over the world by PC users due to their demonstrated and improved security, dependability, adaptability, and ease of use.

Let’s do a quick round-up of the comprehensive security features in McAfee antivirus software:

Real-time Virus, Spyware and Malware Protection

Nowadays, people are crazy about online shopping and they prefer to shop online rather queue up in grocery & retail stores. People prefer to perform their many tasks online like for paying bills, booking tickets, appointments and list is so on. With an enormous rise in internet shopping and buys, the odds of online interruptions, information burglaries, and attacks have likewise expanded by three-overlap. These infection and dangers can for all time damage your involvement with PCs and the Internet. In this way it has turned out to be completely fundamental to keep your PC and the profitable digital possessions safe. McAfee brings you all in one solution which incorporates with the power of three complete anti- viruses, anti- spyware and anti- malware solutions. It's a three-in-one arrangement which constructs 3 security layers around your PC to help guard it from a wide range of viruses viz. infections, spyware, and malware.

Real-time Protection

It gives a real time protection to the users, as it understands the need for dealing with real- time threats, and if the programs find anything risky it simply blocks it at real time and makes sure the protection. It also provides the two way protection enable you to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic back and stop hackers and unauthorized users from breaking into your network and helps you to stay protected.

Safe Online Searching and Shopping

As we are getting habituated to the online shopping, it has become very essential to keep our browsing safe while shopping. When you input your request in a web searcher and when you visit a particular website from the ordered records, you never totally know whether the site page you are visiting is actually alright to chase and shopping or not. In case the site you are visiting is harmful, you understand what can come to pass. The new McAfee program sidelines the method for hit and fundamental. When you filter for an inquiry, it indicates color coded sees before each search result. In this manner click a thing, you will realize whether to visit its site

Removable Drive Scan

It provides with the feature of removable media scan, so you can scan the thumb drives. As we know that these drives can be effectively tainted amid movements, by offering to other individuals, or by connecting to the contaminated PCs, in this way checking them before use will help shield your PC and information from being tainted.


Emails are seen as the greatest conveyor of virus, malware infections. Customers can without quite a bit of a stretch be engaged by spam messages as they would not realize whether to open them. When they open spam emails, they get infected. Knowing this reality, the new McAfee protection joins an Anti-Spam filter which channels through spam messages & Emails from your Inbox and allows you to remain verified and protected.

Online Data Backup

The growing importance of cloud storage has given the McAfee a reason to provide something different that keeps pace with the technology. As it incorporates the cloud storage via online data backup, users can backup online data backup and can protect their important data and information from being hacked or damaged.

Additional Features

It also provide many other features which enhance the performance of your computer as include the following features such as, PC tune- up, digital data shredder, pre-install scan, fast start-up and scan times, real time safeguards. All this features make sure of peak performance for your computer.